What are the
of the
Mama Ro Studios?

Each studio at Mama Ro is a small universe with history. Some of them tell
us about ancient Moscow, the others tell us about a thirst for art and stories
of a hijacked train for the sake of love. Some show us the flight of the Melnikov
House to the Moon and some show us the amazing Byzantine mosaic that was found
under the Soviet plaster during construction. There are studios that take us to
the world tree Yggdrassil and to the meeting of when the Mesopotamian culture
interacted with extraterrestrial civilizations. There are also studios that reveal
how the other studios were conceptualized and born from the first two studios.
All these are the legends of Mama Ro!





The First

muses define 
the origins of the 
first studios
how inspiration 
related to 
Mama Ro.
Let's go!

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Tree of Legends

For ease of navigation, we have combined all the legends
into one recognizable image: The tree of Mama Ro’s legends will
accompany you throughout your journey through the each of
the studio’s pages. Simply click on the Tree's icon to go
to the world of Mama Ro’s legends at any time.

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We are a
short distance
from the
main city sights

By choosing any of the Mama Ro studios you get not only a unique space with
its style, but you are living in the very center of the capital that is in walking distance:
for example, from the heart of Moscow - Red Square and the Kremlin - there are only
2066 steps or a 16 minute and 33 second

We counted!

You can reach the Kremlin in 16 minutes 33 seconds with an average height of 175-180 cm. That, of course, is not that important: better to walk around slowly so that not to miss any of the beautiful places on this route.

walk. This is a route where every street,
place or monument of architecture keeps its age-old atmosphere. Impressive, isn’t it?
We were so inspired by this fact, that we decided to collect the most interesting
stories and created an interactive tour route in order to better orient you
to where your studio is located.

Check or print
the route to Mama Ro:

16 minutes and 33 seconds

of walking from Mama Ro to Red Square

Moscow Kremlin!

The Kremlin is the oldest part of the city. The first fortifications on Borovitsky Hill appeared in 1156 and occupied only the south-western part. The city was quickly developing and expanding, and in 1340, by order of Prince Ivan Kalita, wooden towers and walls were built around the hill. In 1367, under Dmitry Donskoy, a Russian master, begin to erect the walls and towers of white stone. The Kremlin got its modern look in the 15th century when Prince Ivan III invited the best Italian architects to Moscow who, in 1485, started large-scale construction...

See the interactive tour route
to find out more about
the architectural ensemble
of the Kremlin and other sights.


Useful Information

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friends want to contact us later.

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    type "Mama Ro" or "Apartments"
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