A multiverse Within the Four Walls

About the wisdom and significance 
of childhood and the fact that closets 
appear exactly where they need to be.

A Search

They say that in order to create an interior, a house, or even a whole city, you need to be able to imagine, to see what does not exist yet, and to dream “clearly” to the extent that dreams come into materialization. Following this rule, you can really create something fantastic.

Not only fantastic, but also striking the viewer’s imagination, surprising with its newness and presentation.

Beyond the visual delight of such fantasticness there is a void. Carefully decorated, but still a void, like an openwork frame in a photo store with a black-and-white photo set-in which shows a “perfect family”, and their story doesn’t come to mind when we look at them.

We already know on a subconscious level that this photo just covers the cardboard.

To bring it to life we need a clue, a legend, a small detail that is like a grain of sand got into a shell of a clam and eventually turned into a pearl. The pearl is a result of a chance event that does nothing to shine. Its beauty is in the amazing combination of circumstances, in the vortex of time that “allowed” the chance event to take place.

To create an interior, house or even a whole city, you need to be able to find a small grain of sand which will only have to be thrown into suitable conditions and watch the beautiful pearl growing.

A dark night. A couple of hours 
before dawn and 12 hours before 
handing our first interior 
project, tired but happy, we 
realize that we are about 
to find the very link of 
chance events that helped us 
to build our studios. Dialogues 
are sliding along an important 
line. Not much left.

A Connection

Searching for a grain of sand, which is a legend, is the main part of work at Mama Ro Interior Studio. It is magic at the first sight. In fact, it is a thorough process of weeding out the Important from the secondary.

From the very first project, handed on December 6, 2014, it became clear that no truly functional and interesting space can live only at the expense of an idea or aesthetics.
Everything needs a cause-and-effect relationship so that the space itself asks the question, answers it and evolves into a game.

At the very beginning we take a first glance, the little details of a person’s life, their hobbies, loves, palettes, dislikes and begin to search for a connection. We arrange the
information to such an extent that abstract things like, “I like to play the guitar and watch the sunset” turn into clear theses.

We convert metaphors not related to a specific task in any way into spatial equivalents.

As soon as we have material equivalents, the interaction begins in separately taken square meters. Now the “spatial equivalents” we have found turn into quite tangible decorations, for the use of which, of course, there must be a “scenario”:

“The frail landlady goes up a pair of low steps and takes a seat at an antique black table. This is the workspace, a Captain’s Bridge, the modern Mac is responsible for navigation, and behind the back, just in case, there is a paper body of knowledge and inspiration, an openwork home library. From the bridge, you can view almost the entire apartment and, of course, much further, through the monitor of the computer. A couple of clicks and the “captain” has already started a new journey…”

The boundaries of the 
apartment outlined with 
a brick are dissolving, 
and there is an infinite 
number of variations. 
An ordinary apartment 
suddenly becomes as big as 
the world outside.

A game

A couple of chairs, a rug and a night lamp make a children’s shelter which each time becomes the setting for an adventure. The simple means, flavored with a “scenario”, this is the main thing in a space for a person.

Guided by the rules verified in our work we always make allowances for the wind of childhood, which carelessness, wisdom, boundlessness and sincerity can lead any idea in the right direction.

The scenario is written, the decorations are in their place.

The interior is simple and clear, like that shelter. Without a person, it lives in unison with the world outside, but once you enter it, the time immediately splits, a new universe begins to exist.

An exciting game begins, which does not grow boring with the years, as everything in it is a projection of the person themselves, formed in material and objects.

A person plays in space, and we create new universes, playing space.

A multiverse within four walls. 
Each new look is a window 
into infinity.


Mama Ro Interiors is a community of amateur professionals. We believe that a person needs to live in a place which is as simple as childhood. When everything is clear, when every new day is natural and desirable. We believe that the home should become a place of strength, a place where inspiration is born, and where there is a whole world you want to explore and it is safe. We don’t want to think about closets, they will “form” themselves where they are needed. We want to play!

Let’s play?



Volodya Nizovtsev
Co-founder of the project,
curator of Mama Ro interior design agency.