Mama Ro – Now an interior design studio, too!

7 countries, 17 cities, 48 projects, 2880 pages of drawings, 5402 visualizations, 13271 elements of decor – today we introduce the first exhibition of interiors from Mama Ro!

The Mama Ro project began in 2012, when three friends Tolya Smirnov, Volodya Nizovtsev
and Anton Kozlov decided to create something new in the capital market, who all came from the film industry. They opened two small studios, invested their money, talent, and powers and even built them themselves. They unexpectedly got the result that exceeded their wildestexpectations and the average statistic in Moscow, having a stable 100% load without depending on the season.

Today, Mama Ro is a multi-faceted company developing the equally successful Apartments project (24 studios are opened working with an average load of 97.3%). While providing consulting services in the hotel industry and while preparing to launch new projects. A very special focus for the company is working on its own interior design project called Mama Ro Interiors. It arose naturally in 2014 from what had been done before. For the first three years, Mama Ro received dozens of requests from individuals and organizations for design projects similar to those that the company had already implemented. However, without having either the capacity or the professionals in the team (the first studios were created the old-fashioned way with sketches, measuring the space by feet, day and night shopping and changing the interior elements several times).

Finally, the decision was made: if one can create a good product in this area, why not to do it? Gradually, without any advertising, Mama Ro began to take orders for interiors, then got capacities and talented assistants. Each of the orders, as well as their own interiors, were treated with the same quiver. Through the years since the first order, Mama Ro has achieved its success in this area, too. There is not one single completed order that the team is ashamed of.

Today, after 5 years and 7 months of continual work, having visited 7 countries and 17 cities, completed 48 projects and compiled 2880 pages of drawings and layouts, presented 5402 visualizations and selected 13271 unique items for each of the interiors, the project has finally decided to fully introduce the Interior Studio to the public. Mama Ro Interiors invites you as a viewer to our first exhibition!


The exhibition is open at three
addresses of Mama Ro:

Gusyatnikov lane, 4/3
Myasnitskaya street, 35A
Sakharova street, 30/3