Many-Sided Restaurant

Food in the afternoon,
sports in the evening, entertainment
as a whole. Mama Ro Interiors has
completed a new design project.

Dear friends, our agency has completed the work on another design project! Mama Ro Interiors developed 5 modules from the lay-out solution to photorealistic visualizations for a customer in Europe who wished to keep in secret the location and the name of the place until its opening. This is why we removed the customer branding from all visualizations up to the implementation of the project.

104 square meters, almost 4 months of work, development of light identity and the new project occupies the fifth place in the portfolio of Mama Ro Interiors. More information about the work on the “Many-sided Restaurant” project can be found on its page.

About Mama Ro Interiors

The Mama Ro interior design agency was created after numerous clients’ requests. Within 3 years, our approach in creating interiors has managed to catch the fancy of a large circle of people who appreciate the principles of lofts and an original approach to design. Since then, the agency has participated in the development of more than 20 private orders, as well as carried out a full cycle of designing, from project documentation to 3D-visualization for the six (in summer 2017) apart-hotels of the Revelton network in Eastern Europe. You can find the main works of the interior design agency in the portfolio.

The work of the agency is based on a personal approach to every order which provides a unique and always interesting result.

Customers can also freely design his or her order by adding only necessary modules. For the convenience of customers, the Mama Ro Interiors designed the Interior Calculator to calculate the exact cost of a design project.