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Rates and Studio Capacity

The Mama Ro studios are designed for a temporary accommodation of 1 to 6 people. Each studio is a well-thought out and equipped space, from a bedroom to a kitchen, which is able to replace your own home during a trip.

Below are the daily rates and the maximum number of guests that each studio can accommodate.

Studio 24


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.100 rub

Studio 23


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.100 rub

Studio 22


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.400 rub

Studio 21


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.100 rub

Studio 20


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.100 rub

Studio 19


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.100 rub

Studio 18


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.400 rub

Studio 17


m. Sretensky Boulevard
10.100 rub

Studio 16


m. Turgenevskaya
9.300 rub

Studio 15

Neo Moscow

m. Turgenevskaya
9.300 rub

Studio 14


m. Chistye Prudy
9.900 rub

Studio 13


m. Chistye Prudy
9.900 rub

Studio 12


m. Chistye Prudy
11.700 rub

Studio 11


m. Chistye Prudy
11.700 rub

Studio 10


m. Chistye Prudy
10.400 rub

Studio 9


m. Chistye Prudy
11.700 rub

Studio 8

Old Moscow

m. Chistye Prudy
9.700 rub

Studio 7

Street Art

m. Chistye Prudy
9.700 rub

Studio 6


m. Chistye Prudy
9.700 rub

Studio 5


m. Chistye Prudy
9.700 rub

Studio 4


m. Chistye Prudy
9.700 rub

Studio 3


m. Chistye Prudy
11.000 rub

Please note that the rate is valid until the end of the current month and may differ in the future. To check the cost of the studio in the coming months, please click here and choose the dates that you need. We would also be happy to help you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.


We offer the studios for events and shoots on individual conditions and rates. Please refer to the sections under Rent a studio for an event and Rent a studio for a shoot.

Cost of an Extra Bed and a Cot and Staying with a Pet

The cost of an extra bed in the studio is 700 rubles/day. A cot is available at a cost of 500 rubles/day. Pets are welcome in our studios for free. We only take a security deposit of 2000 rubles in case of property damage when you stay with a pet, the deposit is refunded to you on check out day.

The Cost of the Bride’s Preparations

We do not classify the bride’s preparations as an event, therefore, we are pleased to offer our studios for this occasion on a daily rate. However, for the bride’s preparations we apply some of the rules that you can read in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below.

The Security Deposit for the Time of Stay

When the number of guests is more than 4 people or if there is reason to worry about the tranquillity of our guests from the neighbouring studios, in some cases, we take a security deposit of 5000 rubles.


Given the fact that we offer our studios at reduced prices during the pandemic, we kindly inform you about the mandatory insurance deposit of 5000RUB. If you take our booking conditions seriously and responsibly, you always keep your deposit as well as kind relationships with Mama Ro in the future 😉


For guests who book a studio directly at Mama Ro, there is an accumulative system: 5% discount for 5 bookings, 7% – after 7 bookings and 10% – after 10 bookings.

You can also place an order for the Mama Ro discount card. The cost of the card with a 5% discount is 5 000 rubles, 7% – 7 000 rubles, 10% – 10 000 rubles. The card is issued indefinitely.

and payment

Combined Booking

The process of booking the Mama Ro studio works on the principle of Legos. If a studio is occupied for a certain period, it’s not a problem: we will always offer the combined booking (the “combo-booking”) – you may take several studios in turns. If the studios are in different locations, we will provide a free transfer on moving day.

The Order of Booking

The studios are booked on the basis of a daily lease. When booking on our website and other online booking websites you automatically sign an offer agreement, and on the day of arrival, you will need to sign a daily rent agreement as well.

Procedure of Booking and Payment

The studios can be booked upon a prepayment. The prepayment amount and change and cancellation booking policies depend on its duration and type.

Please note that these conditions may vary if you book the Mama Ro studios through intermediaries and third-party reservation systems.

Reservations from 1 to 7 Days

– Studio reservation is made upon prepayment for the first night according to the daily rate.

– Free cancellation or change of reservation dates are possible no later than 3 days before the check-in date (00:00 before 72 hours Moscow time – GMT + 3).

– In case the reservation is cancelled or modified later than 3 days before the check-in date, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.

Reservation from 8 Days

– Reservation of a studio or a combo-booking of several studios from 8 days can be made upon prepayment of 50% of the total amount of order.

– Free cancellation or change of reservation dates are possible no later than 7 days before the check-in date (00:00 before 168 hours Moscow time – GMT + 3).

– In case the reservation is cancelled or modified later than 7 days before the check-in date, 50% of the prepayment will not be refunded (00:00 before 168 hours Moscow time – GMT + 3).

– In case the reservation is cancelled or modified on the check-in date, the full amount of the reservation will be charged (from 00:00 Moscow time – GMT + 3 on the check-in date).

Payment Methods

We accept 3 types of payment: cash, bank card and payment on account.

If you plan to pay in cash, we will be ready to hold the studio for you for one hour in order to give you the time you need to get to us that no one would be able to book it.

If you want to pay with a card, please use the booking system on our website. You can also pay at our office at Chistye Prudy. In this case, make sure to warn us in advance so that we close the studio while you are on your way to us. We accept the following types of cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club and Union Pay.

To pay with a bank account, please send us a request by mail or certain social networks. In the case where you pay as a company, we need your bank details, and if you pay as a regular person – your passport details. We close the studio for three hours for the payment on account, so that nobody can book it at the same time. Please pay attention that this type of payment is available only for Russian bank accounts or passport details.

Check in
time, opening
hours and more

Check In

The Check in time is at 2pm (14:00). The Check out time is no later than noon.

If it’s possible, please make sure to provide us with accurate information about the time of your arrival and your forms of contact, as there is no a check in reception at some studios; a manager needs to come there when you arrive to give you the keys. Moreover, we will always try to accommodate your requests if you need to check in earlier so if your studio needs to be done first, we need to do the cleaning schedule accordingly.

We work around the clock, so in the case your arrival time is tied to the train or flight schedule, please do not worry: our manager will meet you at any time of day.

Opening Hours and Contacts

You can contact us daily and around the clock by phone on +7 (499) 755-89-35, by e-mail, on social networks, Vkontakte, Facebook and Instagram, or come to our head office at this address > We are pleased to answer your questions – write us, call us or come visit.


We consider cooperation proposals on a commission basis with an agency commission of not more than 10%. You can find out more on investment in the «For Investors» section.

FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions)

– Is it possible to book a studio for a few hours?

Unfortunately, no. We selected so many wonderful books in each studio, that you simply won’t have enough time for everything :). The minimum rental period of a Mama Ro studio is one day.

– Is it possible to check-in to the studio before 2pm (14:00)?

We always try to accommodate your requests if you need to check in earlier, however, we can rarely make it before 1pm (13:00). Therefore, if you really need to check-in earlier than that, we can offer you a reservation on the previous day and then your studio will be prepared for the time you need, and we will be able to meet you at any time of the day.

– Is it possible to prolong a reservation for a few hours?

A possibility of extension depends on the arrival time of the next guest to the studio. The standard check-out time is 12pm (12:00), but if the next arrival is expected later 2pm (14:00) we will call the chambermaid to come at another time, and you can extend your stay. The extension cost is 500 rubles per hour.

– Is it possible to store luggage at Mama Ro before the check-in time?

We work around the clock and we will be happy to find a place for your luggage at our office at Chistye Prudy.

– Are the guests of Mama Ro able to invite friends?

Our studios are made to accommodate a specific amount of people. However, if you have more people, we will be happy to recommend you plenty of cosy cafes nearby. Please note that there are separate rates and conditions for an event organization in the studios.

– What are the rules for the bride’s preparations?

There can be as many people as a studio is supposed to accommodate for the bride’s preparations. However, we don’t mind if a photographer joins you as well. The only thing we ask you is to respect the rest of other guests from the neighbouring studios in case the preparations take place in the morning, and especially not to create a lot of traffic in the hallways and other spaces adjacent to the studios. This is why the bride’s photoshoot can be held only in the interior of the studio.

The same payment and cancellation terms on all bookings are applied to the bride’s preparations, as well as Check in and Check out times that are mentioned in this section. Please also note that if you need to hold the bride’s preparations before the Check in time at 2pm (14:00), you also will need to book the previous day. In this case, we kindly ask you to warn us in advance about your arrival time so we can meet you at any time convenient to you.

– What household items are included in the price of the studio?

The price of the studio includes bed cloths, towels for hands and body, shampoo and liquid soap, cutlery and tableware, trash bags and dish soap.

– Is smoking allowed in the studios?

Smoking is forbidden in the studios and adjoining areas (hallways, utility rooms). We have a especially reserved place for this in Mama Ro at Chistye Prudy, which we will show you when you arrive. Please note that studios are equipped with smoke detectors, and the penalty for a violation of the non-smoking rule is 5000 rubles.

– Can I light the candles in the studio?

We kindly ask you not to use candles and sparklers or any other open flame in the studios as they are not safe.

– Is there a mini-bar in the studios?

Our studios’ design is based on a concept of a ready to live-in apartment with a mini-kitchen. It’s presupposed that a guest will fill it will with all the necessary stuff they need. We are happy to show you the location of the nearest shops, 24-hour supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops.

– How often does the cleaning take place?

As in the case of the mini-bar, it’s up to Mama Ro guests to manage a studio on their own, as if they were home. It allows us, among other things, to keep such low prices per metric area of the studios, their decorations and furniture and advantageous location. We are happy to provide a free cleaning on request for stays longer than 3 days (and then every 3 days after). Towels are also for free and are available daily upon request.

– Are there a washing and a drying machines? Vacuum cleaner?

All our Mama Ro locations are equipped with a washing machine with an integrated dryer, which you can use with other guests in turn and it’s free. You can also ask us if you need a vacuum cleaner.

– Do we need to wash dishes and take the garbage away?

Despite the fact that the Mama Ro studios are partly based on a self-service principle, you do not need to worry about these little things as the studio will be cleaned after your departure.

– Where should we take the garbage away during a longer stay?

In the case of a longer stay, you can ask us for a cleaning service which is free every 3 days. You can also arrange the daily garbage take out with the working hours of our chambermaids, their schedule is daily from 12pm (12:00) to 2pm (14:00). In other cases, we will be happy to show you the closest to Mama Ro trash containers.

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