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Rates and Capacity

We offer some of our studios for commercial and professional, as well as model photo and video, shoots. Please note that the design of the Mama Ro studios is subject to copyright. The studios can be used for a shoot only if the conditions below are met.

We accept booking for a shoot with a crew of no more than 10 people. As they are initially designed to accommodate a stay and we care about the rest of our guests, a shoot at Mama Ro is only possible from 2pm (14:00) to 10pm (22:00) including preparation before and after the end of the shoot. For this same reason, if you rent the studio for more than one day, the next shoot day can start no earlier than 10am (10:00). After 10pm (22:00), we ask guests to stay in the studio in the amount for which it was initially designed.

You can find more details on shoots in the studios in the FAQ section (frequently asked questions).

The shoot rate for any of the studios is agreed upon individually. We also have a “special offer” which you can find below. Below are the studios that we offer for photo and video shoots.

Studio 13


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 12


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 11


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 10


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 9


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 8

Old Moscow

m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 6


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 5


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 4


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 3


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 14*


m. Chistye Prudy

Studio 7*

Street Art

m. Chistye Prudy

*These two studios are available on “special offer”.

Unfortunately, “Neo Moscow” and “Sarai” are not available for shoots.

Also, “Street art” and “Avia” are available for shoot from 2pm (14:00) to 5pm (17:00) (see “Special Offer” below).

Special Offer

We can also offer you a 3-hour day format of booking at the rate of booking equal to the normal daily cost of living under several conditions: if your film crew is no more than the number of people which the studio is designed for, and if you are can make your shoot from 2pm (14:00) and are able to check out no later than 5pm (17:00) including preparation before and after the shoot.

The Security Deposit for the time of the Shoot

We take a security deposit of 5000 rubles for the time when the shoot is taking place which is then refunded at the time of check out.


There are 10% discounts for a day format and 15% for a daily format of booking a shoot which are offered under following conditions: a reference in the text describing the shoots location with a hyperlink to the Mama Ro website (website address for printed versions) or the Mama Ro logo with the website address (1.5 seconds for video) in the video.

and payment

The Order of Booking

The studios are booked on the basis of a shoot agreement. When booking on our website and other online booking websites you automatically sign an offer agreement, and on the day of arrival, you need sign a shoot agreement as well.

Procedure of Booking and Payment

The studios can be booked upon a prepayment. The prepayment amount is a full day or a daily rate for a shoot. The prepayment for a shoot is non-refundable.

Payment Methods

We accept 3 types of payment: cash, bank card and payment on account.

If you plan to pay cash, we are ready to close the studio for one hour for you to give you the time you need to get to us so that no one will be able to book it.

If you want to pay with a card, please use the booking system on our website. You can also pay at our office at Chistye Prudy. In this case, make sure to warn us in advance so that we close the studio while you are on your way to us. We accept the following types of cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club and Union Pay.

To pay with a bank account, please send us a request by mail or certain social networks. In the case where you pay as a company, we need your bank details, and if you pay as a regular person – your passport details. We close the studio for three hours for the payment on account, so that nobody can book it at the same time. Please pay attention that this type of payment is available only for Russian bank accounts or passport details.

Check in time,
opening hours
and more

Studio Check-in

The Check-in time is at 2pm (14:00). The Check-out time is: no later than 5pm (17:00) for a half-a-day rate, no later than 12pm (12:00) for a daily rate. The time of the shoot within the daily rate is from 2pm (14:00) to 10pm (22:00) and from 10am (10:00) to 12pm (12:00).

If it is possible, please make sure to provide us with accurate information about the time of your arrival and your contact information as we make a schedule of arrivals where we mark if you need to check-in earlier than the official time and, thus, we can prioritize your studio to be cleaned first.

Opening Hours and Contacts

You contact us daily and around the clock by phone on +7 (499) 755-89-35, by e-mail, on social networks, Vkontakte, Facebook and Instagram or to come to our head office at this address >. We are pleased to answer your questions – write us, call us or come visit.


We are considering proposals for cooperation in organizing shoot on a barter basis. Please contact us, if you want to discuss your proposal. Click here for more details on investment.

FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions)

– Why is the daily shoot rate that high?

We are not against the use of the Mama Ro studios for commercial and professional purposes but on a fair basis: all of our studios have a unique original design and can be used for direct or indirect profit (advertising, movies, TV series, Instagram, blog, portfolio and so on) at the average market rates and in most cases at even more attractive rates comparing to other locations for professional shoots. Although, we kindly ask you to keep in mind that the Mama Ro studios were primarily created for guests’ accommodation so we are not eager to compete for customers, even if some other locations for shoots are at a lower price. Nevertheless, we still tried to meet the expectations of those for whom the rate appeared quite high. We made a special offer rate which you can use during the day, from 2pm (14:00) to 5pm (17:00), without really disturbing other guests and harming your budget.

– Do I have to pay the shoot rate if my professional photoshoot is non-profit and only for the personal archive?

No, you don’t. The personal photo shoots are for free and do not affect the rate, but in case the photos are used later in commercial and professional purposes, the rate might be changed according to the conditions of the shoot in Mama Ro territory.

– Why is check-in time no earlier than 2pm (14:00)?

Check-in time is at 2pm (14:00) as the Mama Ro guests book the studios for accommodation till 12pm (12:00) and then we need some time to prepare the studio to your arrival. However, we do not mind if you want to bring your equipment and props earlier and not to waste the time of your booking on this. We will show you where you can store it for a while. We work around the clock. Moreover, we can try to prepare your studio before the others in the case that the schedule of arrivals on the date of your booking allows it.

-Is it possible to hold a shoot after 10pm (22:00)?

Yes, it is possible, but only if you book the entire wing of the building for a shoot, i.e. three studios. In this case you can also use the hallway adjacent to the studios to place props and technology without disturbing other guests.

– Is there a way somehow to have a production team of more than 10 people?

Yes, only if you book two adjoining studios for a shoot. This way the movement of your team between the studios will not disturb the other guests at Mama Ro. Please contact us to check the availability of the adjacent studios for the dates you need.

– How can we use the space adjacent to the studios (hallways, smoking area, doorway, court next to the house)?

The space adjacent to the studios can be used only under compliance of the Mama Ro conditions along with the other guests; that is without disturbing others and without creating obstacles which limit movement. For this, in particular, we ask you to place props and equipment inside the studio, but not outside. The shoot on the territory adjacent to the studio is not allowed for the same reasons. In addition, please make sure to close the door when leaving the studio, because when you leave the door open the noise isolation of the studio becomes much worse.

– Is it possible to move, take out or add in additional furniture?

We don’t mind of any rearrangement of non-fixed furniture and decorative elements in the studio. If you need to move something or disassemble the furniture which is fixed to a certain place, please make sure to discuss this with us. Removal of furniture from the studio to a public space is possible if you book two adjacent studios for a shoot. In this case, you can move some of the furniture to a second studio without creating traffic difficulties for other guests. You can also book an entire wing, i.e. three studio, and, thus, use the hallways adjacent to the studios. We don’t mind if you use your own furniture. Just make sure to inform us about it in advance, so that we understand what kind of things are going to happen and be sure that it won’t disturb the other guests.

– What is the total power of electric energy that can be used in the studio?

Each studio is guaranteed to provide you with 3 kW. We can also optimize the use of certain electrical devices inside the studio, thereby obtain additional 2kW. Please let us know in advance if you need this so that our technician can help you with electricity connection on the day of your arrival to the studio.

– Can we use an external generator and set the lighting outside of the building?

Unfortunately, the use of an external generator and of lighting equipment and their installation are forbidden on the territory adjacent to the building.

– What is a security deposit and when it is refunded?

The security deposit which you leave at the moment of your arrival to the studio is a guarantee for the safety of the property in the studio, as well as a guarantee of compliance with the rules listed in this section. At the time of arrival we sign a contract which includes an inventory of the existing property in the studio. So the deposit is returned to you immediately when the studio is delivered in good condition and all the shoot rules were respected.

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