Two years of the project which no one knew

This fall, the Mama Ro
Interiors project turned two
years. We are going to explain
here why its existence was kept
in secret for so long and
announce when it will be
officially launched.

The opening of the interior studio Mama Ro is due to an external factor to some extent, namely to the demand from our guests. When we opened the first studios, an elderly couple was among the first who asked us to work out a design for their space that now is on the opening page of this section. Then, there were other requests. In the beginning, we would refuse such offers including this, considering the apartments rent field our main specialization. But eventually we decided to try as our first client turned out to be very persistent.

Today, the Mama Ro interior design studio is two years old and we are officially announcing its opening for the first time. A logical question arises: why wasn’t it done with the first and successfully executed order?

The thing is that during all that time the studio hasn’t got a single day off. As the Apartments project remained the main profile of Mama Ro, we were not in a rush with the official presentation. We were simply accepting the orders and executing them. Anyways, the studio’s capacity wouldn’t be enough for more.

Two words about the interior design studio

Today, Mama Ro Interiors has more than 20 design projects in its portfolio, including a project for an apart-hotel chain Revelton in the Czech Republic and Estonia and sport statistics centre Instat.

We approached each of these orders with trepidation, just like we did with our own studios. And until this day we don’t have a single project, which we are ashamed of.

We approached
each of these 
with trepidation, 
just like
we did with 
our own studios.

What’s next?

Today it’s time to talk about this project. In the coming months, we plan to expand our project in the Mama Ro design portal including different profiles. The studio itself is planned to be expanded as well. The official opening of the design studio is planned in February or March 2017.

It might be good news for you, in case you are in search of an interior design studio. For us, the pre-announcement will serve no less service: contact us so that we can add your order in the studio’s schedule.

It might be
good news for you,
in case you are in search
of an interior design studio.

We hope to see you among our customers in the future.