Informing you of what has changed
in our work due to the mess around 

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Dear friends!

During these difficult times, while we are ready to fight the economic consequences of the mode introduced by our government, we are also taking all necessary measures to protect our guests staying at Mama Ro. To provide you with proper service according to the situation,we have prepared a message for everyone who is interested in Mama Ro project and who cares about its destiny.

– We are working regularly and are accommodating our guests without any restrictions; if anything changes, we will contact you promptly.

– If you are planning to come, we will do our best to make your visit as safe as possible.

– If you have any doubts about your visit, we will be glad to reschedule your booking for any date and save the same price.

– If you want to cancel the booking, we will charge your money back as soon as we get the cancellation. The cancellation terms will apply without penalty while the Government of Moscow maintains it current mode. Thus, we ask you to cancel your booking promptly if you are sure that you’re not coming, so that we can issue a refund.

– We remain in the same mode legally. We are doing our best to provide our guests with a comfortable and safe accommodation in this difficult time.

Due to the current situation we have developed two special offers that are more vital than ever.

Special offer №1

How is your quarantine, dear friends?

That’s what we offer:

  • A cozy studio with a projector, Apple TV and a library
  • Unlimited internet connection with high speed
  • Compliance with sanitary hygiene measures
  • Regular cleaning with the use of disinfectant
  • Delivery of food to the studio (free of charge)
  • One parking place on guarded territory
  • The possibility to accommodate with comfort for up to four people

All studios are available for booking with a 50% discount for this offer. Use promocode “SELFISOLATECREATIVELY” while booking. To book a studio click here >

Self-isolation in Mama Ro – it is nice!

Special offer №2

Dear friends,

As we all know, our elderly relatives are particularly vulnerable to the threat of virus spreading. We are posing a danger to our parents and grandparents when we come home after using public transport, visiting public places and interacting with other people.

That’s what we offer:

  • Isolated studios, where outsiders have no access . In case of any interactions with the guests personal protective equipment is used (masks, antiseptic);
  • We arrange contactless food and medicine delivery according to the needs of the guests;
  • Regular cleaning with the use of disinfectant is provided (on request);
  • Daily walks in an inner private yard with an attendant (on demand);
  • Regular doctor’s examinations;
  • Unlimited amount of masks and antiseptic free of charge 🙂
  • Each studio has a kitchen and a bathroom and is also equipped with a TV, Apple TV, unlimited internet access and a huge library.

All studios are available for booking with 50% discount for this offer. Use promocode «SELFISOLATIONFORELDERLIES» while booking.

To book a studio click here >

In the photo there are elderly “titans” of Mama Ro, Valeriy Fedorovich and Uncle Sasha, who worked on everyone’s favourite Pine and Stone studios.

Take care friends!