Now on your smartphone too

Open it anywhere on Earth and immerse into the Mama Ro universe

Dear friends! From now on, everything you like in Mama Ro is available via your smartphone as we have launched a mobile version of our website. That means that from this moment surfing in the interactive space of Mama Ro, its studios, interior projects and concepts have become even easier. Just open our site anywhere in the world on your smartphone and immerse yourself into the Mama Ro universe.

Here are a few links to some pages that might interest you:

The World of Mama Ro

Rotate the planet and read in the “Timeline” section how the project was created.

The Tree of Legends of Mama Ro

Each studio has its own legend. Go to the tree of legends, that is extremely interesting!

Mass Media about Mama Ro Project

Look, what was written about the project by various media sources and in what projects Mama Ro was involved in as well.

Mama Ro Studios

Our studios are our main passion. Follow the link and choose one of your dreams. We love them all, without any priorities, like our own children.

Mama Ro Interior studio

Interiors is no less a passion. They all are custom-made for other companies and hotels. Look at what we have achieved.

Mama Ro Blog

Here you will find all the most relevant info such as annual collections from our guests’ instagrams, our new projects, or COVID-19.


And yes, follow the link and book your favorite studio! 24/7/365(+1)


We have not been banned from working. But is it possible (spoiler – yes, it is) against the backdrop of the ongoing madness? Read our message here. And #stayatmama. Because it’s #betterinmama.


Your feedback is very welcome. Praise or scold the work we have done, we will really appreciate it.