Unique furniture of solid ash

Mama Ro decided
to continue the development
of its own furniture and is currently
working on the “Bauhaus” series.

Dear friends, we are officially launching the production of the “Bauhaus” furniture from our studio of the same name.

We are currently preparing all the necessary documentation, then the next two months we will begin to accept the first orders. The first series will include furniture already produced in a single copy for a studio, namely a sofa, a coffee table, a pair of chess, bar and chairs.

Volodya Nizovtsev,
author of the series:

“Initially, this whole series is a creative improvisation, a flight of fancy all embodied in an incredibly beautiful material, but it was not as simple as it seemed in the beginning. When we started working on the series, we wondered if anyone else was making furniture of ash, and where this typo of a tree is used. It turned out that the ash tree is a favorite tree of the northern warriors since the ancient times, and they appreciated it for all the same features as we did: its flexibility and incredible strength.”

We find that the fact that our furniture workshop has appeared precisely thanks to the “Bauhaus” studio is very symbolical. At that time, we rented a workshop, found talented young guys and began to create the first furniture for the studio. Two years later the workshop moved to a new level with a series of the same name.

An interesting
of this future
series will be that 
all the
connection of details 
of furniture are made
to ancient
traditions without
any metal.

If you are interested in the “Bauhaus” series, you can leave a preliminary order request by contacting us by the Mama Ro single telephone: + 7-499-755-89-35

About the Mama Ro furniture workshop

Today, in the workshop portfolio has 18 private orders including the furniture for the center of sports statistics analysis Instat. In the near future a single portal will start operating on our website with different profiles of the company including Mama Ro Furniture where you will be able to read more about our approaches.

Among the coming workshop projects we are most excited about the launch of the “Pine” furniture series from the eponymous studio.