New Mama Ro studios

We are happy to present you
our 2 new studios – the Russian
shed in a Scandinavian style and
retro Moscow in an alternate time!

Dear friends, two new Mama Ro studios have opened on the Academician Sakharov Prospect – “Sarai” and “Neo Moscow”!

We invite you to take a virtual tour:



Studio 16



m. Turgenevskaya

While working on the “Shed” studio and getting acquainted with the etymology of the world in parallel, we managed to create some interesting points of view on the studio. We invite you to learn more about it in the legend of the studio:

Outside the shed,
inside the palace!
Here you will find out why the hut full of laughter
is richer than a palace full of sadness, and what
the Persian palaces and the old Swedish station
wagon have to do with the studio.
“Neo Moscow”


Studio 15

Neo Moscow


m. Turgenevskaya

We even came up with a science-fiction story during the work on the “Neo Moscow” studio:

City of the Future
Travels to distant depths
of space-time, and the power
of a dream and the
faith in an idea.


By the way, if you are now forced to make a combined booking of several studios, the travel between the two locations will no longer be difficult – the new studios are located just 5 minutes walk from Mama Ro at Saharova Prospect.


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