Know this guy?

Andrey Skorokhod, his series in Mama Ro and some other goodies

We didn’t watch the series, but we love Andrey Skorokhod for his video «Language barrier», as we have several years of experience in communicating with our English-speaking guests from all over the world. That is why we were glad when Andrey chose “Balance” studio for his new project. On some occasions there is a small and cool set!

Andrey Skorokhod,
«Shawshank’s victory» in “Balance” studio

Andrey Skorokhod in the role of Lukashenko? To watch the original video click here at the 30:30 mark and go to Andrey Skorokhod’s channel for the moment sought.


Mama Ro from time to time happens to serve as a film set for popular media persons. We have collected a few more examples for you. Here they are:

Ilya Varlamov,
advertising laptops and shampoos in «Bauhaus» and «Jazz» studios

By the way, Ilya’s short shoot in Bauhaus is the best thing that was shot in Mama Ro for advertising thus far. Here’s a short and simple GIF And most importantly, the fascinating space of “Bauhaus” is gradually revealed and works to the benefit of all the material. No one else from the operators has yet used the stage settings and in-frame editing. To watch the original video please click here at the minute 3:18 and go to Ilya Varlamov’s channel for the moment sought (“Jazz” studio is at 4:36).

Alexander Rybak,
“Kotik” music video in “Stone” studio

We adore this video. To watch the original video please click here and watch “Kotik” of Alexander Rybak.

Tutta Larsen,
«TUTTATV» in “French” studio

Tutta is telling how men give birth and some other interesting things. To watch the original video please click here.


More materials with the participation of MamaRo as well as some publications about the project itself with links to primary sources can be found in the section “Mass media about Mama Ro”.