How to Rent an Artist Built Studio in Moscow for a Night or Several

In itself, artist built studios for daily rent are more like apartments, which means a real flat with a fully equipped kitchen and beds. Such a studio is big enough for a whole family or a group of friends, one can cook there and feel like home in general. Moreover, the apartments can be located in an unusual place and have a distinctive design. You can find them on the internet, on sites like:, or, by clicking the check mark on Apartments in the filter. You can also get help from daily rent services like, or, and groups on social networks, where announcements are published. However, not all of the apartments are artist-made. You need to look at the photos and check if they coincide with reality (and as it turns out that it is not always true). If you have any special requirements for the interiors, then take a look at Mama Ro Apartments, which is what this material is about.

Mama Ro is found by three friends who make loft studios. They control projects and redecorations and as a result got comfortable with apartments with unusual interiors. Today Mama Ro has 16 studios and each of them are located in the center of Moscow, on Chistye prudy and Sakharova Prospect. Another eight will open on May 31. Each studio has its own style reflected in its name. For example, in Theater studio there are real theater border lights and movable furniture, while in Extreme studio there is an installation of snowboards and skateboards. Some studios are telling stories, like Magma studio which depicts the fall of the liner on the volcanic island, and Veronese describes the time travel of the famous artist. Except for the mentioned, there will be Pirate, Rousseau, British and Balance studios. If you want to become one of their first guests, please leave your request here.