What is the Mythological Side of the Mama Ro Studios?



The First
How muses define consciousness,
the origins of the first studios
and how inspiration is
related to Mama Ro.

Each studio at Mama Ro is a small universe
with history. Some of them tell us about ancient
Moscow, the others tell us about a thirst for art
and stories of a hijacked train for the sake of love.
Some show us the flight of the Melnikov House to the
Moon and some show us the amazing Byzantine mosaic
that was found under the Soviet plaster during construc-
tion. There are studios that take us to the world tree
Yggdrassil and to the meeting of when the Mesopotamian
culture interacted with extraterrestrial civiliza-
tions. There are also studios that reveal how the
other studios were conceptualized and born
from the first two studios.

The actual

The mythological side

Click on a slider
to see the stories
the studios keep.

For ease of navigation,
we have combined all the legends
into one recognizable image: The
tree of Mama Ro’s legends will
accompany you throughout your
journey through the each of the
studio’s pages. Simply click on
its crown to go to the world of
Mama Ro’s legends at any time.