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Mama Ro is a multi-profile design company founded by Anatoly Smirnov, Anton Kozlov and Volodya Nizovtsev in 2012. The project, originally started as the Mama Ro Apartments and succeeded in the market of daily rents in Moscow from its first day (98,13% average yearly work load since the opening on July 19th, 2012 to the present day regardless of the season). In the end of 2014, the interior design agency, Mama Ro Interiors, and furniture workshop, Mama Ro Furniture, were opened under the brand of Mama Ro and are still successfully developing. The official page of the interior design studio was launched in February 2017. The work on the furniture workshop page was launched in June 2017.

planeta The informal history of the birth plan and the creation of the project can be found on page World of Mama Ro
Project Philosophy

There is a special approach to work with space in Mama Ro, from the architectural object to all its components. This comprises an understanding of any manufactured product as a dramatic material where a person finds the patterns of behavior and, as a result, the appropriate approach to its manufacturing: Mama Ro products are designed to help people choose with their Apartment Projects to form their own lifestyle with the Interior, Furniture and Artstore Projects.

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General Information

Today, there are 22 studios realized under the Mama Ro Apartments brand name: 2 studios at Sakharova Prospect, 12 studios at Chistye Prudy and 8 studios at Myasnitskaya. Average area is 37 square meters with capacity of 4 to 6 people. The studios can also be rented for events (up to 15 people) and private and commercial photo and video shooting (up to 10 people) with special conditions. Click here to find more about the Mama Ro studios:


Studio 24



m. Sretensky Boulevard


Studio 23



m. Sretensky Boulevard


Studio 22



m. Sretensky Boulevard


Studio 21





Studio 20



m. Sretensky Boulevard


Studio 19



m. Sretensky Boulevard


Studio 18



m. Sretensky Boulevard


Studio 17



m. Sretensky Boulevard


Studio 16



m. Turgenevskaya


Studio 15

Neo Moscow


m. Turgenevskaya


Studio 14



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 13



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 12



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 11



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 10



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 9



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 8

Old Moscow


m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 7

Street Art


m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 6



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 5



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 4



m. Chistye Prudy


Studio 3



m. Chistye Prudy


Each studio interior at Mama Ro Apartments is decorated with a unique theme offering its guests a variety of accommodation scenarios: whether it’s Parisian morning in the “French” studio or a journey along old Moscow in the “Moscow” studio. The legends reveal the content each studio has and are accompanied with a description of the origins and ideas of every interior. They are available for reading here:



Tree of

The principle of flagships is also used in Mama Ro Apartments. The Three Capital Studio, original interiors from the founders of the “Jazz”, “Pine” and “Bauhaus” studios, make use of the juxtaposition and unite the Mama Ro audience with people from the most opposite of tastes. This is one of the fundamental principles that Mama Ro Apartments is built on. Find more information about the flagship studios from their authors:

Anatoly Smirnov

Studio “Jazz”

Score of a Gentleman

The author’s story of the studio, the reason why it’s nice to watch the old Italian movies here, the finest art, what da Vinci was talking about, and what all this has to do with Jazz.

Anton Kozlov

Studio “Pine”

Three Pines

The story of the author’s studio is about how easy it is to cut a tree, it’s about how the search for meaning is correlated with climbing up trees and what it’s like “to get lost in three pines”.

Volodya Nizovtsev

Studio “Bauhaus”

Happiness of Creation

The story of the studio’s author,
how not to be afraid to spoil
the “clean sheet”, finding in-
spiration, and craftsmanship.



Mama Ro Apartments project is open for cooperation under franchise scheme – both for private apartments and for investors with free-standing real estate. You can find detailed information here > .

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The Mama Ro interior design agency was created after numerous clients’ requests. Within 3 years, our approach in creating interiors has managed to catch the fancy of a large circle of people who appreciate the principles of lofts and an original approach to design. Since then, the agency has participated in the development of more than 20 private orders, as well as carried out a full cycle of designing, from project documentation to 3D-visualization for the ten (in summer 2019) apart-hotels of the Revelton network in Azerbaijan and Eastern Europe. You can find the main works of the interior design agency in the portfolio.

The work of the agency is based on a personal approach to every order which provides a unique and always interesting result. Customers can also freely design his or her order by adding only necessary modules. For the convenience of customers, the Mama Ro Interiors designed the Interior Calculator to calculate the exact cost of a design project.

Revelton Studios

A quartet of remarkable studios in a XV century
mansion located right in the heart of old Baku.

Many-sided restaurant

Food in the afternoon, sports in the evening,
entertainment as a whole.

of the Instat Sport company

The virtual IT-project which was realized
through the design project of Mama Ro

Revelton Suites

20 Interiors of a classical era for
The Aparthotel in the Czech Republic and Estonia.

Neocolonial Home

A technological interior with neo-colonial
furniture and a captain’s bridge.

House of Party People

The house of a young family in the center
of Moscow designed for cool parties.

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The furniture workshop originates from a time of work when the original furniture for the Bauhaus and Pine studios had developed a well-coordinated team of professionals working here. To this day, the workshop receives orders for manufacturing designer furniture and restoration of antique furniture. The Mama Ro masters have mostly a more traditional approach and use natural materials when realizing orders, which gives the exclusive product a sense of uniqueness and originality. And, of course, the Mama Ro workshop pays great attention to the aesthetic preferences of the customer which also contributes to the creation of a unique product.


Pine Series

Eco-furniture, made of
natural lines
and tree rings


Neocolonial Series

The furniture made in the spirit
of late classicism designed for
futuristic interiors


Bauhaus Series

Beauty in functionality